It's Friday, It's Fabulous...And It's Red Hot!

Red symbolizes action, confidence, courage and vitality.  Red is the warmest of colors and is the color chosen most by extroverts.  Put some red in your life when you want increased enthusiasm and interest...

Red can also be very Modern, Fun and Sassy...







Decor Pad Windsor smith Home.jpg


Home Design Love.jpg


Kathryn Ireland.jpg


Red is very Timeless, Serious and Sophisticated...



long red dress bottom of the ironing basket.jpg




eclectic revisited.jpg


38246_145860775428384_145858488761946_452498_7719530_nThe Adventures of Tartramscot.jpg


ELLE DECOR REDFocal Point.jpg


House Beautiful.jpg


RED CHINFocal Point.jpg


Red is always Fresh...

Dress Design Decor.jpg


 And always Fabulous!...

Elements of Style.jpg


I'm not afraid to wear or design with red.  Are you?  It's the definite color of choice between now and Monday, but how do you feel about red after that? 

It's your turn.  Let's Talk!

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