Lunch In Paris On New Years Day

Sister and I have been absolutely giddy to meet up with blog friends for lunch in Paris...

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Virtual parties of this sort are so much fun...Imaginations running wild are the very best...

Marsha, with Splenderosa invited us to lunch in Paris at Le Pre Catelan on New Years day...

and gave us these words for inspiration...


We've been planning for weeks...

We definitely want to bring a small gift for everyone...something that will pack easily and the girls might actually use. A small remembrance of our special friendship...

We decided to give these over sized ruffled hand towels, a Providence Ltd.exclusive design that we sell in our online shop.


They are wonderful as is, but we had them monogrammed to personalize the gift...

We're staying on in Paris for a few extra days to do some shopping for the added treat!


Planning what to wear was so much fun...Sister and I rarely get the occasion to dress like this..


Laughing till you cry... Sharing ideas... Planning for the future... Making life long friends... Does it get any better than this?


Just in case we need some help to carry all those know these girls have some shopping to do!

It's your turn.  Let's Talk!

And be sure to hop over to enjoy the luncheon with all of us.  We're holding your seat at the table.

Images by Providence Ltd., Pinterest, Vintage Rose Garden.Tumblr,Stuart Weitzman