It's no secret that we admire the work of designer Pamela Pierce, based out of Houston Texas.


Our introduction to our very first blog, Cote de Texas, was through a search for more information about Pamela Pierce and her designs.

We had devoured every feature of her work in Veranda Magazine for years and set out on a search of the internet to find more...You know how key words work...that search lead us to Joni's, Cote De Texas blog...and we were hooked.

Soon after, we started our own blog.

A year later we actually had a comment from Pam...I thought that someone was playing a trick on me. When I realized that it was truly her, I was giddy with excitement. She really is one of the most gracious women in this business.

Through a mutual friend in Dallas we've been given the opportunity to spread the word about her new Magazine...Milieu, here locally. Other's have blogged about her new venture and we want to join that chorus to make sure that everyone gets the word.

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You will find from the following images of her work that you won't want to miss one single issue.

Pamela Pierce Design via Pamela Pierce website,portfolio, as seen on linenandlavender.jpg

Images from the promotional mini magazine...

Milieu Magazine, Santa Fe Adobe, as seen on linenandlavender.jpg
Milieu Magazine, Earthly Delights article as shared on linenandlavender.jpg
image 5 via Milieu magazine, shared on linenandlavender.jpg
image 4 via Milieu magazine, shared on linenandlavender.jpg
image 2 via Milieu magazine, shared on linenandlavender.jpg

Milieu will feature the brightest and the best from around the world and all across this country.  I've already told you how generous that Pam is... she will be searching for new designers who's work is excellent but has not been published.  The pages will not only speak to great design but to a gracious lifestyle...I can hardly wait!!!

Milieu, A magazine of style, image via Milieu media pack, shared on linenandlavender.jpg

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Inspiration comes from so many different people, places and things in our lives.

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