Christmas In July

It's Christmas in July...It really is...

Retailers typically place their large Christmas Decor orders in July, with a chance for another buy in September. After that, you are just taking a chance on complete deliveries because the vendors don't want to get caught with a lot of holiday merchandise going into the Spring Season.

We've got some big events coming up this year, including a holiday decorating presentation for around 400 women at the Little Rock Chenal Country Club on November 15th.

We are placing orders and making plans now...So we decided to let you in on the fun...

If you place an order with us now...we will add it to our inventory orders and offer you a 20% Discount.

We'll ship as soon as we receive the merchandise... That's it...take a little time right now, while you are not hassled or rushed, start thinking about the holidays and place your orders to receive 20% off.

This post is full of inspiration and ideas for a simple, more natural way of decorating your home for the holidays. So grab a cup of coffee and start humming...I'll be home for Christmas, because it will be here before you know it, and this year you will be prepared.

This offer is good until August 15th.

No one does it better than Pamela Pierce when it comes to simple, fresh and natural...


Image via Pinterest

If you are like we are, our decorations go up way too early to do everything in fresh greens.  As much as we love them, it's not practical for our lives.  We have started doing the next best thing...mixing artificial with fresh...

We have fooled many people with the lush mix and fresh scent...

Another tip is to continue to refresh the greens you have worked into the garlands right up until Christmas.  You can stop by fresh tree lots and pick up the trimmimgs for free.

The very first thing you just  have to order is a bunch of these Sugar Cones...they are awesome.

We add them to the garland around the front door, on mantels, the stairway, the tree, dining table...They are gorgeous, natural and add huge impact.

Minimum order is 20 cones, each pine cone size ranges from 10"-14" long Retail $7.50 each


If you use artificial garland and don't have nice full's time to throw the old stuff away...Again...our favorite is fresh garland...just not always practical...Our new favorite is the pine garland because they look more real and you can add fresh sprigs of cedar and pine here and there for a full, beautiful and fragrant garland...

Some new pieces to consider...

A..Northwestern Pine Spray  36" x 24"  Minimum order 2.  Retail $60.00 each

B..Northwestern Pine Garland  18" wide x 6ft. long Minimum order 2.Retail $90.00 each

C..Northwestern Pine as a centerpiece too. 36" x 18" ( Pair with LED Remote Candles) Minimum Order 2 Retail $62.00

This is beautiful mixed Evergreen and Berry ...

J..32" Wreath  Minimum Order 2. Retail $82.00 each

K..Mixed Evergreen and Berry Festoon 32" x 20" Minimum Order 4. Retail $29.00 each

L..  Mixed Evergreen and Berry Garland  !8" x 72" Minimum Order 2.  Retail $76.00 each 

If you've done much holiday decorating in the past, you know that by the time you find the berries (if you can find them) and pay to add them to your garland, that this mix is a very good value.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Love, love Magnolia leaves...

if only I had a tree in my yard or the nerve to "borrow" from my neighbor's?!!!

Image (284).jpg

We'll see how close you are paying attention here...hope you can read the letters beside the items upside down...

These Plantation Magnolia pieces have a fresh botanical look.  Thick glossy leaves with leathery back mimic fresh magnolias.

A..24" Magnolia Wreath.Minimum Order 2.  Retail $150 each

B..Plantation Magnolia Stem 18"  Minimum order 12 Retail $16.50 each

C..32" Magnolia Wreath Minimum Order 1 Retail $239 each

 Love lemons and limes mixed with magnolia leaves...another fragrant fresh element...

Image via Pintrest

Image via Pintrest

If you need a new slim tree these Blue Spruce trees are beautiful and very competitively priced...particularly with the discount...

D..Slim Blue Spruce 7.5' tall, 40" at base, 400 clear lights. Minimum order 1. Retail $495 

E..Slim Blue Spruce 9ft tall, 52" at base, 750 clear lights. Minimum order 1.  Retail $690

And we love this...might just work with the tree you already have...

Plantation Tree Box.  Give your tree a living tree appeal.  Fully lined with tin.  24" x 24" 18", Has a raised interior bottom to give an additional 6" to tree.  12" deep.  Minimum order 1.  Retail $265


Estate Stone Deer Head Mount...for a rustic touch...

Image (285).jpgdeer.jpg

21" x 16.5" 35"  Minimum order 1.  $149.00

  Wow! What an impact you can make with this piece for the price...

Or how about these?...

They are gorgeous...the finish is beautiful...

The manufacturer calls it Estate Stone...looks and feels like a lightweight concrete...NOT resin.

32" x 23" x 12" and 39" x 32" x 8"

Retail $450 for the pair.

Great for a mantel or window display...

Embossed tin crown and Crosses on Stands:

Assortment of 9 pieces in mixed dark gray with rusty finish and washed light gray finish.  Sizes vary from 7.5" x 15" to 9" x 18".  Shown here mixed with sugar cones, faux tallow berry branches and glass ornaments...Retail $225.

What a gorgeous's's's simple and not just a piece of this and a piece of that...

The designers of this line are really good...


We carry this piece in inventory year round...

Metal Crown with bottom to hold plants or candles, 14>5" x 13.5" x 13.5"

Minimum Order 1.  Retail $48.00

Aren't these wonderful?

Embossed tin crowns assorted set of 3 9.5" x 8" x 8", 8.5"  x 7" x 7"., 7" x 5.5" x 5.5"

Minimum order one set.  Retail $55.00

We would use these year round as well.

If you have been wanting to invest in a nativity...

you have two very special ones to choose from ...

Natural Nativity...10 piece set, cast resin with characters ranging in size

from 6' x 6", 11' x 8", 15.5" x 7"

 Minimum Order 1.  Retail $260

Estate Stone Nativity Set

11 pieces, characters range from 8"-19" 

Minimum order 1.  Retail $595

Another item that we stock year round is this pair of Estate stone sheep...

Set of 2.  10.5" x 3.25" x 8.25", 10,75" x 4" x 3.25"  Minimum order 1 pair.  Retail $58.00 for the pair

Hang with us...know this is a long post...just so many great items...we don't want you to miss out on this great buying opportunity...

Couldn't you just play in this pretty box of ribbon all day?

Old Fashion Christmas Ribbon Collection:  Red and green asortment includes 6 pc of cording, 19 different ribbons, 3 of each ribbon style for 57 ribbons, 63 pieces total, 3 yards each, box measures 13"  x 10" 

Minimum Order 1.  Retail $78.00

Look how many beautiful packages you could put under your tree with this assortment...


Love these burlap stockings with bells...

 Jingle Bell Eged Burlap Stockings"  Minimum Order 2..  Old Fashioned Style, 11" x 20" with 6.5" top diameter.  Retail $27 each.

Easily personalized...

LED Candles with Evergreen, Twig and Berry with remotes...

A..  6" x 6"x x7" with remote.  Minimum order 2.  Retail $45 each

B..  3.25" x 3.25" x 9" with remote.  Minimum order 2.  Retail $28 each

C..  3.25" x 3.25" 4"with remote.  Minimum order 6.  Retail $20 each

D..  4" x 4" x 6" with remote.  Minimum order 6.  Retail $30.00 each

E..  6" x 6"x x 7" with Remote.  Minimum order 2.  Retail $44 each  

F..  3.25" x 3.25" x 9" with remote.  Minimum order 4.  Retail $26 each

G..  3.25" x 3.25" x 4" with remote.  Minimum order 6.  Retail $21 each

H..  4" x 4" x 6" with remote. Minimum order 6. Retail $30.00 each.

Tin candleholder with tree attachment:5" Minimum order 12.

Shown with plain LED candle also available...Retail $3.50 each

LED candles with remote are parafin wax, each candle takes 4 "AA" batteries.  Remote has on/off, high/low option, steady or flicker flameoption and timer. Each candle comes with it's own universal remote.  Our customers love the flexibility our LED candles offer for chandeliers, mantel displays and other areas to avoid the risk of costly fires.

A..3"x 4" with remote.  Minimum order 6.  Retail $17 each

B..  4" x 10" with remote.  Minimum order 2.  Retail $28 each

C..  3" x 9" 4"with remote.  Minimum order 2.  Retail $23 each

D..  6" x 10" with remote.  Minimum order 2.  Retail $50.00 each

E..  3" x 6" with Remote.  Minimum order 6.  Retail $18 each  

F.. 6 "x 8" with remote.  Minimum order 2.  Retail $42 each

What a gorgeous tree...


Zinc reflective ornaments..mix beautifully with gold or red...

B..  Small size Reflective Ball Ornament:  Set of 4.  Minimum order 3 sets, 4"  Retail $33 each set of 4

C..  Large zinc reflective ball ornament: Set of 4, 6"  Minimum order 1 set, Retail $48 each set of of 4  

D..  Small zinc Matte Ball ornament: Set of 4, Minimum order 3 sets, 4" Retail $33 each set of 4

E..  Large zinc Matte ball ornament:Set of 4, Minimum order 1 set, 6: Retail $48 each set of 4

Large embossed Tin Crown and Crosses Ornaments: Assorted set of 9, sizes range from 12" x 9.25" to 15" x 8".  Minimum order 1 set.  Retail $76 a set.

Small Embossed tin Crown and Crosses ornaments: Assorted set of 9, sizes range from 4" x 3.5" to 8" x 6" Minimum order 1 set.  Retail $26 a set.

Clear faceted ornaments:  Assorted set of 6, sizes range from 5" x 3" to 7.5" x 5".  Minimum order 1 set.,  Retail $86 for 1 set.

Another great holiday decorating staple...that we use year round...preserved boxwood balls and topiaries...Love them! (These are NOT plastic), they are preserved real boxwood.

L..  Boxwood Ball 16":Minimum order 2.  Retail $175 each

M..  Boxwood Ball 21": Minimum order 1. Retail $315 each

N..  Boxwood Ball 10": Minimum order 2.  Retail $75 each

O..  Boxwood Ball 8":  Minimum order 2.  Retail $52 each

P.  Boxwood Ball 6":  Minimum order 2.  Retail $35 each 


The topiaries and wreaths are great too...

D..  Preserved Boxwood Wreaths with ivory ribbon trim: Set of 3, Minimum order 2 sets. 6", 7" and 10"  Retail $49

E..  Mini Preserved Boxwood Wreaths: Set of 6,Minimum order 1 set.  6" diameter,  Retail $86

F..  Collection of Assorted Boxwood Topiaries.  Set of 6 Range from 5.5" x 13" to 6.5" x 17"...we stock these all of the time, so will sell individually for Retail $45 each 


Larger wreaths...

B..  Large Preserved Boxwood Wreath:  24", Minimum order 1, Retail $124

C..  Small Preserved Boxwood Wreath:  12", Minimum order 1, Retail $39


Great party favors...

Three Kings candles:  Set of 3 crackled finished ceramic crown candles in 3 fragrances, Myrrh, frankincense and gilded pomegranate, each candle measure 5" x 3.75"  Minimum order 1 set.  Retail $72 for a set of 3.

Tin crown candleholder with clip attachment:  Minimum order 12.4" x 1.5" Retail $15.00 each.

3" x 4" LED candle made with real paraffin wax with remote recommended with clips.

Minimum order 6.  Retail $15 each


P..  Narrow Jingle Bell Burlap Ribbon:  1.5" wide, 5 yards per roll.  Minimum order 2 rolls

Retail $16.50 per roll

Q..  Wide Jingle Bell Burlap Ribbon: 3" wide, 5 yards per roll, Minimum order 2 rolls

Retail $22 per roll

Plain Burlap ribbon...We like to mix this with velvet ribbon...

Burlap Ribbon- Wheat:  4" Wide, 10 yards per roll.  Minimum order 2 rolls.

Retail $23 per roll


Love decorating with lanterns indoors and out...year round...

This is an absolute favorite of ours...I have 6 of these myself...

French Quarter Lanterns: Reclaimed Wood and Zinc.  Set of 2 ,12" x 18", 15" x 22"

 Retail $125 for the set.
Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Gatekeeper Lantern,Reclaimed wood and Zinc. 10" x 10" x 21"  Minimum Order 1.  Retail $54

It's time to get that second cup of coffee.. scroll through this list again and place an order...get with your Sister, your friend...put an order together and we can combine the shipping...get the order up to just $500 and we will give you 25% off instead of 20%. You really don't want to miss this opportunity.  

These items are carried in Boutique Retail shops, not the large mass market discount stores.   

To place an order click here to contact us.  List all of the items and quantities that you are interested in ORDERING along with your shipping address.  We will send you an invoice via paypal so you can complete the sale securely with your credit card.

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

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