Vintage Bar Carts...

We absolutely love carts...

I think our fascination with vintage bar carts used in home decor began with Betty Lou Phillips...

We have all of her books, and she obviously has a fascination with carts...


We love carts because there are endless possibilities for their creative use..

Dan Carithers Sue Murphy Designs.jpg2.jpg
Elements of Style.jpg
little blue deer.png

These are from our own installations....

Smith Keeping Room.jpeg

Here we go again...We did a wonderful covered porch this summer and used a cart in a really fun way, ... just recently a powder room....but no pictures.  We promise to get better at recording our work.  

This is a fabulous piece in  our inventory's in our space at Le Jardin in the Heights.  We have a couple of carts at Fabulous Finds too...We'll share pics of those tomorrow...We're going to be revealing some exciting changes for us at Fabulous Finds...

photo.JPGbar cart - Copy.JPG

What do you think about vintage carts?

It's your turn. Let's talk!

Images via Providence Ltd., Pinterest, Betty Lou Phillips,Ralph Lauren, Eddie Ross,

Lunch In Paris On New Years Day

Sister and I have been absolutely giddy to meet up with blog friends for lunch in Paris...

AA BIO sig icon.jpg

Virtual parties of this sort are so much fun...Imaginations running wild are the very best...

Marsha, with Splenderosa invited us to lunch in Paris at Le Pre Catelan on New Years day...

and gave us these words for inspiration...


We've been planning for weeks...

We definitely want to bring a small gift for everyone...something that will pack easily and the girls might actually use. A small remembrance of our special friendship...

We decided to give these over sized ruffled hand towels, a Providence Ltd.exclusive design that we sell in our online shop.


They are wonderful as is, but we had them monogrammed to personalize the gift...

We're staying on in Paris for a few extra days to do some shopping for the added treat!


Planning what to wear was so much fun...Sister and I rarely get the occasion to dress like this..


Laughing till you cry... Sharing ideas... Planning for the future... Making life long friends... Does it get any better than this?


Just in case we need some help to carry all those know these girls have some shopping to do!

It's your turn.  Let's Talk!

And be sure to hop over to enjoy the luncheon with all of us.  We're holding your seat at the table.

Images by Providence Ltd., Pinterest, Vintage Rose Garden.Tumblr,Stuart Weitzman

It's Friday and It's Fabulous...At Home in Arkansas



We love the weekend...and particularly during the holidays...gathering with family and friends is just the best...Hop over to At Home In Arkansas' blog today for our tips for easy holiday entertaining. Click here.


Lot's of inspirational images and delicious recipes that you're sure to enjoy...





And don't forget to leave a comment here or like us on facebook to enter our giveaway for the framed  Sermon On The Mount Script.  This is an incredible piece.  The winner will be announced on Monday.







These are also for sale in our online store for $95.00.  Have you visited yet?  Shop Providence Ltd.


It's going to be a very busy weekend, but don't forget to visit At Home for our entertaining guest post.  You just might pick up an idea that you can use in the week ahead.


See you there.  It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Grand Re-Opening of our Online Shop...Visit To Win A Featured Item

Finally...The Grand Re-Opening of our online shop...

It's not perfect, like any store we still have some re-arrangeing to do. We will continue to tweak and update.  In fact we finalized a deal with a wonderful contact today...there will be so many exciting things happening in the store in January.


We started out thinking every single product could be staged and photographed perfectly...


In fact many are...but several items sold before we could even load them on the site...we gave up on that.  The cost is too great and the time it takes just makes it impossible for now.

The most important thing will always be the product offering. We will be working even harder to find the unique and unexpected. Those things that will set your home apart and reflect your personality.


We're announcing a fabulous giveaway of our featured item this month to celebrate our opening. A fabulous reproduction of The Sermon On the Mount illustrated by Anna McPherson

 Talbott, 1928... recreated on parchment paper, framed in an old world style wood frame.


This is an amazing piece...The entire Sermon On The Mount is written and forms the face of Jesus.  The pictures don't do this justice...


This is a really incredible work of art. What a wonderful gift for under $100.00 for for either a man, woman or couple? Perfect for any occasion...birthday, anniversary,wedding, and of course Christmas.

Order we can ship in time for Christmas...We have a limited number available for immediate shipment.

Here's how to win one for yourself...

Leave a comment about our new shop.  We welcome your honest feedback.

Like us on facebook for another chance to win.  We will be having giveaways from time to time just on facebook, as well as posting new items regularly as they are added to the shop.  You don't want to miss out.

I think I can breathe's just the beginning...but we feel it's a great start.  

What do you think?

It's your turn. Let's talk!

And don't forget to click here to shop...

It's Friday and it's Fabulous...Let's Get Together!

First...we apologize to all of our blog friends...We've had so little time to visit or comment...
We have our noses to the grind for this online store.  Even saying tht makes me nervous.  Please don't expect too much out of the shoot.  We're extremely excited, but still have lots and lots of tweeking to do.  If we wait for perfection (on our budget) we will never open.  
It's coming week!
And yes...this is our very favorite time of the year.  It's a great time for gathering with family and friends...
Let's get together...
It's Friday...It's Fabulous...And so fun to get together!!!!
It's Your turn.  Let's Talk!
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