Antique Leather Books...

Books...Books...and more books...

We love all kinds of books...

Beautiful Decorating and Design books are at the top of the list... Favorites on our shelf...

Decorating books-BobbyMcalpine.jpg

Bobby Mcalpine 

Decorating books-Segreto Finishes.jpg

Leslie Sinclair 


John Saladino 


Brooke and Steve Giannetti

These are just to name a very, very few...we actually have hundreds...

We love fabulous bookshelves filled with novels,magazines and things that our clients love to read...


But we also love, love...gorgeous antique leather books...

6a00e554d7b8278833013480527ee6970c-500wiVelvet and Linen.jpg

We encourage you to collect books and surround yourself with the ones that you love ...but in addition to that if you are not already in love with the beauty of antique leather books...we urge you to look again.

They are a fabulous accessory not only in a bookshelf...but on a table or may be that bit of the past that you need to add to your decor...regardless of your style...the perfect accesory.

Take advantage of our Summer Sale and receive 20% off of all leather books...we have a fabulous selection.

Contact us for details...Click here.

What do you think about antique leather books?

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Images via: Pinterest, Google, Velvet and Linen,Providence Ltd.

Sunday Supper...Happy 75th Birthday!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!

I'm late publishing this Sunday because it's been a whirlwind around here for the past few days...We celebrated our Mother's 75th birthday with a surprise party last night...


Sister and I have had a great time pulling it all together...

Hydrangeas are in full bloom right they were the inspiration from the beginning...

photo (2).JPGhydrangeas.jpg
photo (2).JPGmats.jpg

Tara (Talenas's daughter) is very creative and just loves she took care of those ...and they were really beautiful...

Love the reverse side of the invitation as well...So for security reasons...we'll just show one side...

Image (267).jpginv.jpg

We had about 50 guests...and it was a seated dinner. We passed wine and the appetizers on really helped with the flow.

photo (2).JPGwine.jpg

It was a family affair getting everything ready for the party to begin...

photo (2).JPGnathan.jpg
photo (2).JPGdondishes.jpg

These little mini individual layered dips were so cute and much easier than trying to hover over a bowl with a large crowd. We placed them on small plates with extra chips around them.

 Click here for the recipe.

photo (2).JPGdiptray.jpg
photo (2).JPGdip.jpg

After the crowd had time to enjoy wine and appetizers we played a video that we had produced of Mother's life chronicled through both funny and serious photographs taken through the years set to music...It was about 15 minutes long and the music varied from big band sounds that had everyone tapping their Kenny Rogers "Through The Years", that had us wiping the tears away.

photo (2).JPGgreeting.jpg
photo (2).JPGmartha.jpg

Then it was time for dinner...

On the menu...

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin...

2 pork tenderloins


½ cup soy sauce

3 tbs. grated onion

2 tbs. cider vinegar

¼ tsp. pepper

3 tbs. sugar

3 cloves garlic, minced

Place tenderloins side by side in large roasting pan. Wrap bacon around tenderloins, tucking ends beneath. Combine soy sauce, onion, vinegar, pepper, sugar, & garlic; pour over top. Bake at 300º for 1 ¾ - 2 hours. Baste often with juices during cooking. Marinate several hours or can be cooked immediately.

We did 20 of these...


Tossed Green Salad with Black Peppercorn Dressing

photo (2).JPGsalad.jpg

Green Beans Supreme

Just before we popped them into the oven...Click here for the recipe.

photo (2).JPGgreennbeans.jpg

Cheesy Potato Casserole.   We did these in two crock pots, because even with two large ovens, there just wasn't enough room to cook all of this food at the same time. They were delicious...

Click here for the recipe...

Dessert was birthday cake...

photo (2).JPGbdcake.jpg

Chocolate with creme cheese frosting.

 Unfortunately the ice cream is still in the freezer...don't you just hate it when that happens?

After was time for the band to play...The Drugstore Cowboys.


This 3 piece band is made up of a group of retired pharmacists. They sing "Country"and "Gospel" music and are phenomenal. They played for over an was delightful  to just sit and listen on such a wonderful evening outside..but at times the crowd just had to get up and dance...

photo vvvvvv.jpg

Mother and Daddy...they have been dancing together for over 50 years...

photo (2).JPGjig.jpg
photo.JPGMother and Dsddy.jpg
photo (2).JPGguestsaaa.jpg
photo (2).JPGjim.jpg

It started getting a little dark for the guys to read their we hauled a lamp out from the family room...we dubbed them the "French" Cowboys...


The weather teased us all day long...literally up until the party started we were still afraid it was going to rain...but the Lord blessed the crowd with a beautiful evening and we were able to enjoy the party both inside and out...


Happy Birthday Mother...and Happy Mothers Day too!

It's your turn. Let's talk!

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Give The Gift of Jewelry

It's not too late to choose a wonderful piece of vintage jewelry for your Mom for Mother's Day...

...or just something special for yourself.

Order today. The giveaway and trunk show ends tomorrow.

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An Officer and a Gentleman.jpg
cocktails at 8 v2.jpg
green with envy.jpg
locket earrings.jpg
The Mrs .jpg

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Spring Sensory Overload...

I'ts Spring and we are on sensory overload...

From the the garden, to lot's of fun projects, to" Spring Spiffing" in our own homes...we feel immersed in so much beauty.

 This is going to be a really random post... filled with the things that are inspiring us through it all.



via tradyardsflow.blogspot 


via Pinterest 

Sunday 059.JPG

via Providence Ltd.

We love herbs planted in willow baskets..We've found some that will work and are selling them in the store...Contact us if you are interested...

Image (260).jpground willow baskets.jpg

Set of 3  !0"  x 7", 12" x 9" x 15" x 11"  $75 for the set




kitchen Garden via Pinterest 


Image via Google

We've got bedrooms all over our brains right now...

4872442075_715ae33ca9_bThings That Inspire - Copy.jpg

Image via Things that Inspire


Image via The Nest


Sarah Richards

Love the basket bedside table...

bedside-table-lSouthern Living.jpg

Image via Southern Living

This is a favorite...

cote de texas - Copy.png

Pam Pierce via Cote de Texas

Lot's of lighting research going on...

Look at this beauty from Rock Paper Scissors...


These are available from our shop...


Lamps ...Lamps...Lamps...

MakeThumbImage (1).jpg

Researching lots of pretty fabrics and pillows..


Always, always...lot's of linen...

co_Aub-1308 (15x21) Qty 2.jpg

Beautiful pillows from Cobblestone and Vine...

photo.JPGvelvet pillows.jpg

Bella Notte Linens...


So much  going on...but just don't want to miss the beauty of Spring...


Image via Coco + Kelley









What has you busy this Spring?  Are you taking some time to enjoy all that this special season has to offer?  

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

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vintage medal-E.jpg

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