Providence Design..We're Live

The day is finally here.  Our new home...and a new name.  We feel like we've been packing our suitcases to go to the hospital to give birth for the last few days...We're giddy with excitement and  hope you have a little time to look around.  Be sure and click on all of our home page images as seen above...brand new posts that you've never seen before are tucked behind each one.  There's a new foyer design we just completed and a giveaway and much, much more...Just click on our logo to refresh the page and it's all right there.


And you've just got to take a little time to do some shopping in our new online store.  Simply click any of the categories on the left side of the home page...and you are in. The store  is a work in progress.  We still have lot's of items to load.  We're busy girls...we're just going to keep adding more every day!

 Click on design services and scroll through a brand new gallery of our work.  Our new site is loaded with new functions that will make it easier to share creative ideas with all of you.


 So grab a cup of coffee and plan to stay a while...

You know that we are dying to hear what you think.

It's your turn.  Let's talk!