Things We Love...A Uniquely Set Dinner Table


We're continuing to introduce our new regular Post Series for 2014 this week.  On Thursdays we will post about 

"Things We Love".

Nothing new about the title or topic...lot's of other bloggers do a similar series.  However, you can get to know us better and decide if we have a similar design aesthetic when we share with you the things that we love.  It's going to be everything from fabulous design elements, fashion, products, books, travel...anything that delights and excites us.  It's going to be a fun series that will be inspiring for us as well...

Up first...

A uniquely  set dinner table...Not just beautiful...but "unique".  We are always looking for inspiration for the dinner table and love to share beautiful settings on our Sunday Supper posts each week.  Here are a few we have collected from our Pinterest board...lot's more inspiration there as well.


For us it doesn't matter if it's an intimate setting for two or a grand party in the formal dining room...a tiny  bit of rustic and a little bit of whimsy can add a whole lot of charm...

Share a unique idea you have used to set the table in the comments...We would love to hear your ideas as well.

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

All images via Pinterest