Friendships...Better Than Therapy!

Hands down the friendships made are the best thing about blogging.  If you're a new blogger, you may be wondering about this. In time you will find that relationships form.  You start commenting and  e-mailing... then phone calls begin, and if you're lucky one day you may meet face to face. 

That happened today...

I met Renae Moore with Moore Designs out of Atlanta.


Renae's husband is working in Little Rock for 4 weeks, so she drove over on Saturday to spend the weekend with him.  I picked her up at their hotel for lunch and then we went to Fabulous finds to see our shop...


Sorry for the lack of pictures, you would think that as bloggers we would be better about that but...

the conversation was non-stop...we ended up at our house...


Renae is a doll and I know that we'll be friends forever.

I had another thrill today...

As I unlocked the front door for us to go in we found that our copies of Brooke and Steve Giannetti's  new book "Patina Style" had arrived...


Brooke's blog Velvet and Linen, is one of our favorites.  I can hardly wait to crawl up in my bed with their book tonight...

Congratulations Brooke and Steve!

We are indeed blessed by our fellow bloggers and readers.  You brighten each and every day.

Who needs therapy?

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words...

We're proud of our blog header because it tells a story that's uniquely ours.  Every image is of a special find that was hand picked by the "Sisters", and at one point was for sale in our shop.

Looking back through the stacks of photographs is like thumbing through old pictures of our children. There are hundreds of images, and though most of the items are long gone, I can't bring myself to throw them away.  Each holds such fond memories of trips we took and places we searched to find every single piece.


It would be interesting to know where all these treasures reside today.

  I know that the candelabra found a new home in Aspen, Colorado.  The wonderful cherubs have made someone very happy.  They are fabulous!!!


 The pair of French urns left the store with a couple from Searcy, Arkansas.

French urn.jpg

Would love to know where the fountain plaques, candlesticks and architectural pieces ended up.


And this mirror?  Where is it hanging?  Everything in this image has been sold with the exception of the large columns.  They'll add character and great architectural interest to a project at some point.


Because we're not at the store every day we just don't know what happened to all the other items in the collage.   Except for the painted sideboard...

painted sideboard.jpg

Because it came home with me!


Our world pretty much revolves around antiques and unique found objects so you know that I was thrilled when Monika with Splendid Willow asked me to join Brooke Giannetti with Velvet and Linen ,Greet Lefevre with Belgian Pearls,Maryanne with Beadboard Upcountry and Gina with Willow Decor to give our 2 cents worth on what we personally consider our "favorite antique ".

Monika is a Swede based in Seattle and used to import Swedish antiques.  She has been a very special friend since we first started blogging and like us, is passionate about mixing very old pieces with modern objects.

Please click here to visit Splendid Willow and discover all of  our "2 cents worth!"

How about you?  Do you like mixing old and new?  Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the excitement that follows the perfect find?

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

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