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We are so excited to have fabulous vintage jewelry in the store with excellent prices.  We are carrying a new designer line...My Mother's Buttons.  

Her story is so sweet...

In the bottom of an old chest sat my Mother's careworn sewing basket. Inside was a wonderful box of buttons. Each button told a tale significant of its time. I have such fond memories as a child of my Mother teaching me to count using buttons and how they served as wonderful chocolate bits and nuts for my imaginary cookies.

When my Mother's buttons were passed down to me, they were too beautiful and cherished to keep hidden in a box. I chose to enjoy them through jewelry which is how "My Mothers Buttons" came to be. I now collect antique and vintage buttons from around the world, which date back as far as the early 1800's, to create one of a kind jewelry and accessories.


And the best part...just in time for Valentine's Day!

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Give The Gift of Jewelry

It's not too late to choose a wonderful piece of vintage jewelry for your Mom for Mother's Day...

...or just something special for yourself.

Order today. The giveaway and trunk show ends tomorrow.

Neely Phelan Vintage Jewelry available in our online store for two more days!!!

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The Mrs .jpg

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Neely Phelan Vintage Jewelry...Giveaway!


We announced a great giveaway to be held on May 10th a couple of weeks ago...

It's not too late to enter to win this Vintage Religious Medal from jewelry designer...Neely Phelan...

 Click here to enter.



Since we announced the giveaway and the trunk show that is going on in our online shop...Neely has added a few more items at our request...

A few years ago I commissioned Neely to do some special pieces and help me put together an entire jewelry wardrobe...She showed me how to mix and layer pieces...I bought several different wonderful  chains from her to help achieve different looks...




Copper chains available in 21" and 27"




Gold Bronze Chains available in 21" and 27"



Silver chains available in 21" and 27"


Layering is fun...






 Today we are guest posting for At Home in Arkansas and are

talking about the quaint and elegant...

Visit us there and leave a comment for another chance to win on May 10th.


It's so easy to win...just click here to visit us over at At Home



The Perfect Day

This is the 9th Edition of posts on subjects created for the Group...By Invitation Only...

AA BIO sig icon.jpg

This month we are to share what a perfect day would be like for us...

It's gonna be fun to see what all of the participants come up with...


The perfect day...

That keeps changing for me...

No one loves to shop more than I do ... I could spend any one day perfectly happy shopping for ...


Jewels...(hint...I love bracelets)


The house...


The garden...


The table...


To spend a day shopping for any one of these things for either me or a client makes me very happy..

Yet the busier we get... I yearn for ...



 Food, Wine, and Friends...

Bottom of the Ironing Basket.jpg

And Just Great  Time Alone...

All the things you enjoy doing...Just do them.  

And that will be your perfect day...

It's your turn.  Let's Talk! 

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Vintage Jewelry By Neely Phelan and an Awesome Giveaway

Vintage...this term is used a lot today...


The correct use of the word is to identify the year when wine was made...

The common use of the updated term describes something that is old enough to be fashionable again...not quite antique but very desireable...


Vintage jewlery is and always has been very desireable...

photo 1.JPGnely.jpg
photo 5.JPGpretty.jpg
photo 2.JPGlayers3.jpg

Vintage to Neely Phelan...this very talented jewelry designer means not only desireable but unforgettable..

After designing jewelry for a retail department store for 3 years, she left in 2005 to start a family. During the time she was at home she found her niche in the jewelry world...Vintage! 

We are thrilled to introduce you to Neely...

neely blog photo small.jpg

"I love to take antique and vintage treasures and design them into timeless one-of-a kind piecessays Neely. I love to create pieces that have history behind them and will tell a story from the past.

I design all the pieces by myself in my studio/playroom in my house, usually after the kids go to bed! It is my escape from reality sometimes. I love getting creative and coming up with new ideas. I am a wife and a mom of 3 young boys during the day and a jewelry designer by night! I admire anything old and unique. I love revamping vintage jewelry into one of a kind pieces that tell a story."

"I love to create pieces that have history behind them and will tell a story from the past. My desire is to transform the forgotten into the unforgettable!!"

Neely's one of a kind vintage pieces are fabulous.  We are so fortunate to showcase her recent designs in our online shop for the next 30 days.  

Bride To Be.jpg
Fools Rush In.jpg
Knight and Shinning.jpg
Playing Dress Up.jpg
green with envy.jpg
An Officer and a Gentleman.jpg
black gold earrings.jpg

This is just a small offering to wet your appetite...visit our online shop for many more one of a kind designs....

We are also very fortunate that Neely is offfering this fabulous one of a kind Religious Vintage Medal as a giveaway to one lucky follower.

vintage medal-E.jpg

All you have to do to win is visit our online store.

 Click on the Featured items section and scroll through all of the lovely designs. Come back and commenton your favorite piece to put your name in the hat for the drawing that will take place on May 10th.

 All of the details and pricing is right there in the store.  Click on each item for complete details.

 We are taking orders hurry on over and shop because each of these pieces are a one of a kind.  If you are interested in a custom piece or something similar to what you see here, don't hesitate to contact us.

It's your turn...Click here to visit the online store ... come back, and let's talk!

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It's A Busy Busy Time...

We feel so blessed.

It's Spring...the most wonderful time of the year.


 It's a time for new beginnings...and lot's of new projects... we have so many exciting design jobs in the works right now... lot's of research...more fun than you can imagine...

The City Sage 2.jpgarealmess.jpg

 A  fabulous feature is planned for the next 30 days in the online store, with a very talented jewelry designer...exclusive designs and a giveaway...

Just A peak...

Bride To Be.jpg

Hopefully we can share the full line this week... a few technical gliches to take care of in the store, and we will launch...

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