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At Providence Design, we value authenticity. That's why most of the spaces we design appear to have been created over time.  As a client of Providence Design Services, we will introduce both old and new to your project in an effort to create a space that compliments your personality and is comfortable to live in. 

So contact us! Tell us all about you and your style. Tell us about your family and how you live. Dreams you may have for your current house or possibly a  new one and.....                                            

We'll guide you home.             

We do more than decorate. We enhance personal lifestyles.
— Mona Thompson & Talena Ray

The Design Process

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I. Phone Consultation

We will have an initial phone conversation to determine your needs and understanding your vision.  

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II. Visiting Your Site

In order to grasp the full scope of your project we visit the site to take pictures, measurements and discuss the process.


III. Letter of Service

A letter of agreement helps us both to understand the overall service provided and details of payment. Once all the terms are agreed upon the Design process begins! 

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IV. Design Proposal

We present our Design plan to you. Depending on your project we will provide- as needed floor plans, fabric swatches and paint and material samples. Anything else necessary to your plan will be added!


V. Start of Project

Once the design plan is approved we can start work on your project.


VI. Finishing Touches & Completion

The most exciting part of the process is in the tiny details. Your project is not complete until the last accessory is placed and all candles are lit. 


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